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The Saskatoon Academy of Music provides a wide range of lessons; we offer private lessons as well as several group programs which are listed below. 

Lesson Policies


  • Piano

    Piano is one of the most popular beginner instruments! Our piano teachers are all Royal Conservatory of Music trained, and are skilled at preparing their students for examinations in Royal Conservatory or Conservatory Canada. In addition to the classical approach, the Academy teaches a fresh approach to music through the Pop Keyboard series. Pop Keyboard instructs students on the fun that can be had with arranging songs creatively and the sense of accomplishment that comes with playing something original and fun. Throughout their lessons students learn the accuracy and precision of classical music, and the fun and originality of pop and jazz. The end product is a well-rounded musician who is able to play music for pleasure as well as recitals and exams.

  • Violin and Fiddle

    A growing instrument at the Academy, the violin is a popular choice among new and returning students. Violin lessons encompass a wide range of musical styles ranging from classical violin to country and Celtic fiddle. Our teachers approach the violin from a variety of backgrounds, including Royal Conservatory of Music, Suzuki, I Can Read Music, and a variety of fiddle books and tunes.

  • Voice

    The Academy voice teachers are perhaps the most versatile teachers in the building. Our vocal teachers come from a mix of backgrounds, ranging from classically trained B.Mus graduates to local performing artists with years of performance experience. While instructing students as to proper vocal technique (posture, breathing, diction, delivery, etc.), the Academy teachers are able to teach a wide variety of vocal styles ranging from classical to pop based on what their student is interested in. Whether a student has never sung before, or has sung in the shower every day for years, the Academy vocal teachers have something to offer everyone.

  • Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar

    The Academy offers lessons in acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. Many of our teachers perform locally in solo projects and bands, and that experience is exactly what they bring to the classroom. Students are able to learn musical styles varying from classical guitar straight through to more contemporary rock, folk, and alternative guitar. Students learn to have fun with music, and are given the knowledge necessary for them to play individually, as well as in a group. We teach using a mixture of tab and music notation, giving our students musical skills that will transfer to other instruments easily.

  • Drums and Percussion

    While drums are often viewed by parents as being the loudest of the instrument family, the Academy drum teachers pride themselves on turning the noise of drums into music. We offer lessons in drum kit—the popular rock style that is fundamental to any band—as well as in percussion-style drumming, as is found in school bands. Any form of drumming requires a keen sense of timing and rhythm, and the Academy is pleased to offer lessons that ensure that every student improves not only in counting, but in the overall coordination that is necessary to be a skilled drummer. All of our drum instructors perform regularly with local bands, and they are happy to pass this experience on to drum students of all ages!

  • Brass and Woodwinds

    The Academy currently offers lessons in flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, barritone, and trombone, and we are always interested in accommodating student needs that go beyond these instruments. Our teachers are all classically trained, and are able to work on specific band music as well as more contemporary and movie music, as the student needs. The Academy offers band instrument lessons to ensure that each student learns about their own instrument to the best of their ability. The evidence of the difference formal lessons can make to a child is evident both in their school band marks, and in the overall enjoyment they find in playing individually and with their band. Students need not be in school band to take lessons in one of these instruments.

  • Early Music Education

    We offer "Exploring Music" group classes that are designed especially for children ages 10 month through 5 years who are just beginning their musical journey! Directed by our early music specialist and montessori music instructor Jacqueline, programs run year-round and are tailored to each developmental age group. Inquire with us today for a full "Exploring Music" schedule listing.  


New Student Discount

We understand that students and parents may not always know if a particular instrument will be their perfect fit; as such, we offer a discount to beginner students in all the lessons that we offer. The package includes eight half-hour lessons in any discipline for just $150, and gives students an excellent chance to see how they enjoy lessons and their teacher. Rental instruments are available through the Academy at an affordable monthly rate.

Want to continue after your first eight lessons? Regular lessons are $95/month, and we will hold your lesson time and your teacher for you! 

Contact us for further information and scheduling!

Please note: The new student discount is only available to students with no previous training in the given instrument.

Group Programs

Choir Program

Join us on Monday evenings for our choir program! We offer both a junior choir for children, and a senior choir for teenagers and adults. No experience necessary, open to both Academy and non-Academy students. $40/month for our junior choir, $50/month for senior. 

String Groups

String Groups are open to all violin, viola, and cello students. Our junior strings meet on Mondays, and our seniors meet on Fridays, and these programs are open to both Academy and non-Academy students. $45/month for junior strings, and $60/month for senior. 

Rock Band 101

Rock Band 101 runs several sessions throughout the year. It is a 10-week program open to students of all levels and instruments, where students learn to write and perform music as a group. The session finishes with the group recording an original single and performing at an all-ages show. Current program offerings can be found in the "What's New" side bar, or contact us to inquire. 


Woodwind & Brass Ensembles

Ensemble is open to all woodwind and brass students, both Academy and non-Academy! Our junior group meets on Wednesdays, and our seniors meet on Thursdays. $45/month for junior ensemble, and $60/month for senior ensemble. 

Performance Opportunities


Each year the Academy hosts three recitals; a Christmas recital, a Spring recital, and a summer recital. These are held during the student's usual lesson time and are a great low-pressure event for students of all instruments and levels to practice performing. Students may choose any piece they wish to perform, and family and friends are all welcome to attend, for free!


Student Open Mics

Unique to the Academy, we offer a FREE open mic to our students once per month! Students are encouraged to bring a snack to share, and have the opportunity to perform pieces they are working on for their peers. We love to see our students connecting with one another over their shared love of music, and this is just one more way that we promote musical ownership in our students! Everyone who attends *must* perform, even the teachers!


Saskatoon Music Festival

The Academy of Music teachers often choose to have some of their students participate in this annual city-wide music festival. It is purely optional, but it is an excellent forum for young musicians to meet other children in their music community while celebrating students. Those students who participate in this festival find that they improve drastically thanks to the high standards the Saskatoon Music Festival has maintained for years.

Academy Music Festival

Every year we organize our own music festival where Academy students compete against other students of the same age. The Academy Music Festival encourages creativity with a chosen song, and students can perform in any style of music that they wish. Students are judged equally on accuracy and the expression and individuality they bring to the piece they are playing. The music festival closes with a family social and awards ceremony, and is a great opportunity to meet other students from the academy and have fun with music.




Saskatoon Academy of Music Lesson Policies

Lesson Payment

Due: Monthly lessons fees are due at the first lesson of that month.

Payment Methods: Clients may leave a credit card number on file to be automatically processed each month; we also accept personal cheque, debit/credit card, and cash payments in person.

Overdue Penalties: Lesson fees which remain outstanding after the month they were applied are considered overdue, and an additional admin fee of $20 per lesson account will be applied to accounts that are overdue 40 days from the invoice date. In the event that an account runs overdue by 60 days from the invoice date, lessons will be suspended until the balance owing has been settled or reasonable payment arrangements have been made.


Student Absence: Lessons that are missed/cancelled for any reason by the student are non-refundable; payment covers the instructor holding the timeslot on their schedule for the student, regardless of whether the student attends or not. We do not provide make-up lessons in the case of student absence. Nonetheless, if a student is to be absent for any reason, please notify the office at your earliest convenience.

Teacher Absence: In the event that a teacher cannot attend a lesson, there will be a qualified substitute teacher to cover the lesson in their stead OR the lesson will be made up at a mutually agreeable day and time.

Extended Absence: in the event that a student needs an extended absence and wishes to return, the student may either pay their regular rate to hold their timeslot with their teacher OR may give two weeks’ notice and leave our schedule, and reschedule upon their return - in this instance the Academy cannot guarantee that the original timeslot will still be available.

Discontinuing Lessons

Duration of Lessons: The Academy will continue to reserve the student’s timeslot and instructor for the student (and bill monthly lessons) on an ongoing basis, once notice of intention to continue is received after the 8-Week introductory period.

Notice: to discontinue lessons at any time, the office requires two weeks’ notice, and two weeks of lesson fees from the date of notice will be applied. Notice must be given directly to the front desk, either in person, via email, or by phone.

Fees: all outstanding fees/charges are due at the time that notice is given.

Automatic Discontinuation: Students who miss 2 weeks or more consecutively without notifying the office will be automatically discontinued, and billed accordingly including our standard two weeks’ notice.

Contacting the Academy

Phone: 306-934-2424
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Street Address: 629 1st Ave N, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1X7

We ask that clients please keep their contact information up to date with the front desk, including phone number, mailing address, and email.

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