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Academy Festival Award Winners 2021

What a year this was! To wrap up Term Two, please enjoy the finished album created by our top placing students from this year's Festival! Huge thanks to Matt Stinn of Rainy Day Recording Co. for the recording, mixing, and mastering, and to our collaborative pianists Jillian McLeod, Sam Stinn, and Cassandra Stinn. This album is free to enjoy and download on Bandcamp, simply enter $0.00 as your purchase price on any tracks you wish to download.

Check out the album by clicking HERE.

2021 Award Recipients:

Six and Under Piano: Derin O Eight and Under Piano: Belle G Ten and Under Piano: Codey L Twelve and Under Piano: Ava E Fourteen and Under Piano: Jaice S Sixteen and Under Piano: Thomas W Eighteen and Under Piano: Jayda H Junior Violin/Fiddle: Naomi J Senior Violin/Fiddle: Mariam S Classical Voice: Abby O Musical Theatre Uptempo Voice: Angel B Musical Theatre Ballad Voice: Emma C Contemporary Voice: Rachel F Woodwinds/Brass: Fiyinfolouwa O/Abigail B (tie) Guitar: Marshall H Drums: Max C


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