Group Programs

We are looking forward to the return of many of supplemental programs in fall of 2021, with updated Covid protocols! Most of our group programming is designed for students who are already enrolled in 1-on-1 lessons, either through the Academy or a private instructor. 

Rock Band 101


It’s time to rock! Rock Band 101 is a ten week program which will explore everything that goes into creating, recording, and performing music with others. Students will rehearse weekly and have the mentorship of an experienced teacher, from vocals to soundchecks, and will learn the ins and outs of recording a single and performing it at a live gig.
Rock Band 101 is for students of any age and playing level, with a minimum of 1 year  of instruction in their chosen instrument. All instrument types are welcome including Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard/Piano, Vocals, Winds, and Strings.


Taking students' individual practice to the next level, Rock Band 101 will tackle the process of writing original songs as a group, as well as studying and covering existing favorites. The program will culminate with the bands recording a track at our in-house recording studio, Rainy Day Recording Co., and then performing a live, all-ages gig alongside other local bands! 

Students will learn:
•    songwriting and arrangement 
•    elements of a performance
•    collaborating with other musicians
•    finding your voice, and expressing yourself through Music
•    technical know-how and vocabulary; hands-on stage experience sound checking and performing

Registration Deadlines are in October and February of each school year, please contact us for registration forms and details. 

String Groups


We are pleased to once again be offering our string group programs! Connect and share with other musicians and find the joy in growing as a group. This program is intended for violin, viola, and cello students who have been taking lessons for a minimum of 12 months prior to joining, and who are able to play their instrument independently (without assistance from teacher or parent). 

String groups will gain valuable experience performing in both recitals and our Academy Music Festival, and will learn the ins and outs of the studio by recording one of their pieces with Rainy Day Recording Co. at the end of the school year!

Relevant Details: 
•    Directed by Jacqueline Fetter and    BdhanyaRamaswami. 
•    Groups will be assigned by the directors based on comparable level, age, and group experience of those who register.
•    String groups will begin the week of October 4th, 2021 and run through until the end of June 2022
•    All groups will be scheduled for

45–60-minute slots on Thursday evenings 5pm onward, with Saturdays as a backup option; scheduling will be announced once groups are assigned. Please inform the front desk if you have any scheduling requests when you register.

 Registration Deadlines are in September and January of each school year, please contact us for registration forms and further details



Masterclasses are a special space for students to share their current works in progress with other Academy students, practice performing in a supportive environment, and get feedback from a variety of Academy teachers.


Masterclasses are held roughly once per month in the following instruments: 


  • piano

  • voice

  • violin

  • woodwinds/brass

Registration for masterclasses is available at the Academy front desk!