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Lesson Policies - Terms & Conditions

Lesson Payment

Due: Monthly lessons fees are due at the first lesson of that month.
Payment Methods: Clients may leave a credit card number on file to be automatically processed e
ach month; we also accept personal cheque, debit/credit card, and cash payments in person.
Overdue Penalties: Lesson fees which remain outstanding after the month they were applied are considered overdue, and an additional admin fee of $20 per lesson account will be applied to accounts that are overdue 40 days from the invoice date. In the event that an account runs overdue by 60 days from the invoice date, lessons will be suspended until the balance owing has been settled or reasonable payment arrangements have been made.

Student Absence:
Lessons that are missed/cancelled for any reason by the student are non-refundable; payment covers the instructor holding the timeslot on their schedule for the student, and your instructor will use your lesson time to create a practice plan for the week and send it to you. Please note that students who do not inform us of their intended absence will not receive a practice plan. We offer the option for students to move their lesson from in person to online for cases of illness, covid-related isolation, hazardous weather, etc. Requests to move online for the day must be received no later than 4:00pm in order for us to accommodate them. For Saturday students, we ask that students request to move online by the end of Friday evening. 
We do not provide make-up lessons in the case of student absence.
Teacher Absence: In the event that a teacher cannot attend a lesson, there will be a qualified substitute teacher to cover the lesson in their stead OR the lesson will be made up at a mutually agreeable day and time.

Teacher Absence Due to Covid-19: In the event that a teacher cannot attend a lesson due to isolating for Covid-related reasons, lessons will be moved online, provided that the teacher is well enough to do so.
Extended Absence: in the event that a student needs an extended absence and wishes to return, the student may either pay holding fee of $51.50/month to hold their timeslot with their teacher OR may give two weeks’ notice and leave our schedule, and reschedule upon their return - in this instance the Academy cannot guarantee that the original timeslot will still be available.

Discontinuing Lessons
Duration of Lessons:
The Academy will continue to reserve the student’s timeslot and instructor for the student (and bill monthly lessons) on an ongoing basis, once notice of intention to continue is received after the 8-Week introductory period.
Notice: to discontinue lessons at any time, the office requires two weeks’ notice, and two weeks of lesson fees from the date of notice will be applied. Notice must be given directly to the front desk, either in person, via email, or by phone.
Fees: all outstanding fees/charges are due at the time that notice is given.
Automatic Discontinuation: Students who miss 2 weeks or more consecutively without notifying the office will be automatically discontinued, and billed accordingly including our standard two weeks’ notice.

We ask that clients please keep their contact information up to date with the front desk, including phone number, mailing address, and email.

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